Cramping (Claudication)

illustration of middle aged man having Cramping Claudication

One of the symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD) is cramping. Doctors refer to this as claudication. It’s important to note that frequent cramping in the legs or elsewhere with activity is not a part of normal aging. It’s a symptom of underlying disease.

You Walk, It Hurts.

PAD-related cramping happens when you’re active. You begin walking and soon you feel pain in your legs. If you sit down and rest, the pain goes away. Normal cramping, which we all experience from time to time, doesn’t respond this way. When you stop what you’re doing, the pain doesn’t quickly go away.

Confirm the Cause of Your Cramping

If you experience claudication, it’s important to take action. We can perform an exam to determine if what you have is PAD-related cramping. If it is, we can help. We offer nonsurgical procedures that can have you walking like you used to in no time.

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