Non-Healing Ulcers

illustration of ulcers skin-sores on foot from diabetic symptoms

Sores on the heels or feet that don’t get better can be a sign of conditions like peripheral artery disease (PAD) or venous thrombosis. These sores or ulcers typically begin with a break in the skin that becomes infected.

Minor Injuries That Get Worse

Non-healing ulcers on the heels or feet generally start small. Over time, however, they get bigger. This is because reduced blood flow to the area makes it hard for your body to attack the infection. As a result, it is able to grow and spread.

Take Action to Prevent a Serious Problem

If you have reduced blood flow from PAD or venous thrombosis, the infection that’s causing sores on your feet can become a serious medical problem. As soon as you notice that an ulcer isn’t healing, you should contact your personal physician or talk with our team. We can assess your condition and generally treat it with a non-surgical procedure. Treatment can restore blood flow to the area and improve the health of your feet and legs.

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